dynamic balancing technology

With a combination of durability and technology never before seen in a front load washer, Speed Queen will change the way you think about washing machines. Built to last longer and deliver exceptional wash results, each of our front load washers is perfectly balanced to minimize vibration and operate so quietly, you’ll forget it’s even running.

Possibly the greatest thing to happen to washing machines since the electric motor, Dynamic Balancing Technology is revolutionizing your expectations of front load washers. This groundbreaking technology uses sensing and algorithms to virtually eliminate vibration. The result is less residual moisture in your clothes, faster cycles, faster dry times and operation so silent, you’ll want to check to make sure it’s still running — perfect for first- or second-floor laundry rooms.​​

Speed Queen's front load washers feature patent-pending baffles and ideal tumble rhythms to perfectly lift your laundry and cascade water throughout the entire load, delivering the best possible clean. Constructed with metal components where others use plastic and rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance, Speed Queen front load washers are built better to last longer.

The best front load washer on the market also comes with the best warranty. Their industry-best 5-year warranty covers all parts and in-home labor on electronic control models. That’s right. Speed Queen stands behind both their products and your purchase.​​

exceptionally efficient

Competitors use plastic wash tubs that break easily and mold over time which causes them to be quite smelly. Speed Queen uses a stainless steel wash tub which becomes smoother over time, preventing damage to your clothes. No unpleasant smell and you can rest easy knowing that it has the highest quality parts.

  • Agitator moves 210° and 68 strokes per minute in regular and permanent press wash cycles
  • Gentle movement minimizes wear during laundering
  • High vane placement on agitator moves more water through clothes and clothes through the water
  • Stainless Steel Wash Tub - excellent wash results

  • Some competitors' agitators move only 97°
  • Short and rapid agitation can cause premature fabric wear​​​​​​​​​​
  • Plastic Wash Tub - mold and break easily



The best top load washer on the market also comes with the best warranty. Industry-best 5-year warranty covers all parts and in-home labor on electronic control models*. 

5x longer than the industry standard · 5-year parts + in-home labor

3x longer than the industry standard · 3-year parts + in-home labor
5-year limited warranty on motor + cabinet

* For complete warranty information, please review your warranty bond.

  • 15-year limited warranty: Transmission
  • Lifetime warranty: Outer drain tub and the stainless steel wash basket